Terms and Conditions

for Instructors & Participants

Fit and Fun membership cards may be purchased from an Instructor, Carol, Kris or Lara.

If you wish to take classes with specific instructors you need to purchase cards from them seperately.

1 class35 LE35 LE per class
4 classes120 LE30 LE per class
8 classes220 LE27.50 LE per class
12 Classes300 LE25 LE per class


The following TERMS AND CONDITIONS outline the responsibilities of both the INSTRUCTORS and MEMBERS in regard to conduct, behaviour, and general use of the facility.

Duties/Responsibilities of Instructors

It is the INSTRUCTORS responsibility to:

NO smoking, NO alcohol and NO drugs are allowed within the facility.

Explanation on paperwork why/how to fill out:

All relevant paperwork is kept in the FIT & FUN FORMS FOLDER on the premises at all times and can be referred to by the instructors for accounting and emergency purposes.

The FORMS FOLDER contains:

Member registration/liability release form

Each member must complete and sign a registration/liability release form before the start of their first class.  Member information is for management uses ONLY and will not be given out to third parties.

Membership card

Each member registering for more than one class will be given a Membership card that also constitutes their receipt of payment for multiple classes.

The membership cards must be signed off at each class to confirm attendance and maintain accurate records.

Instructors are asked to collect completed membership cards and put them in the USED CARD file for accounting and statistics purposes.

Daily LOG

The Daily Log must be filled in by each Instructor after each class for attendance and accountability purposes.

The Daily Log includes: name of instructor, instructor signature, number of members attending, number of Membership cards sold, payment collected, records of minor incidents, and additional notes for communication with the management/facility.

Membership Card – registration form

Once issued, Membership cards must be registered promptly on the Membership Card Registration Form for accounting and statistics purposes.

The Instructor must record the card number, member name, instructor name, class type, number of classes purchased and payment received.

Incident Form

An Incident Form must be filled out promptly in case of any injury and/or accident occurring during class or within the facility.  This Form details the nature of the incident (including injuries to persons and property – first aid administered, broken/stolen materials and equipment, damage/loss of property and/or any hazards related to the class, instructor, members and/or facility) and allows for prompt action to resolve the matter in an efficient and effective manner.  Incidents maybe recorded on the DAILY LOG, however, in the event of a medical emergency or a serious accident, a separate more detailed Incident Form must be filled out (located in the Member.

Rules and regulations, Terms and conditions

By registering to participate in activities offered by Fit & Fun Activity Center, each member agrees to follow the rules and regulations set out by Fit & Fun Activity Center and by the Instructors that teach here.