Our Instructors


Anta is a highly trained and qualified dancer with strong contemporary technique. She has a Bachelor of Arts Dance Degree and has extensive experience performing and teaching many varied dance styles, including Contemporary, Classical, Jazz, Street Dance/Hip Hop, Caribbean and Carnival.

She has experience in teaching all ages from 5years through to adults and invites everybody to join her very professional fun dance classes!

Classes taught in FIT & FUN:
Contemporary Dance, Street Dance / Hip Hop, Salsa and Latin Dance

Bachelor of Arts Dance Degree


Originally from Scotland, Carol has settled in Sharm since the last five years. She graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University gaining a bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy (honours) 11 years ago. She has worked in this field with a vast array of clients.

Carol is delighted to have the opportunity to use her experience as a Physio Therapist and mother of two to help bring the community of mums and their children together.

Classes taught in FIT & FUN:
Mum’s Circle

Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy


Pixote is an instructor from the international Capoeira group SENZALA. He is originally from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. He started training in France 10 years ago with Mestre blue rope (advanced student), he started to work as a professional artist and capoeirista (classes, workshops, venues, theater,TV, Cinema).

He has worked in France, Germany, Italy, Reunion Island, Holland, and Egypt.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:



Kru John, 4th Dan Black Belt, has been a martial artist for over 35 years and has taught many forms of martial arts. Jacqui and John are both fitness instructors and started the Cobra Club in England many years ago for children and adults.

Now residents, they have brought the Cobra Club to Sharm.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:
Muay Thai



Jana has lived in Sharm El Sheikh for 5 years and is married with a young son. She finished choreographic school in Saratov in 1994. Then she was working in Opera and Ballet theatre till 2004.

Jana took part in a ballet group and traveled to Japan, Spain and Korea. Classic ballet, modern, folklore dances all were part of her Ballet group’s dance repertoire.

At the same moment she finished Saratov Stat University and graduated as a choreographic teacher for ballet school and theatre.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:

Degree as Teacher for choreography performing arts


Influenced at a young age by his mother; a British international athlete, John has always shown an interest for sport and coaching. During University studies, he was asked to represent England Universities playing against Wales in Cardiff on the international Rugby Union circuit.

John wishes to influence sporting participation levels within our community and is currently involved in projects to allow sport for all for the South Sinai region youth. Since 2001, John has resided in Sharm El Sheikh. Together with his wife, they have two beautiful children and take great pride in maintaining a healthy family life.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:
Free Form Sparring Session, Circuit Training and Gymnastics for adults and children

B.Sc. Sports Studies


Anna has worked in fitness since 2004 in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, Russia. She does group and individual training in the following disciplines: step, aerobics, power directions, fitball, dancing directions, extension, slide, spinning, and aqua aerobics.

She has also participated in body fitness and step aerobics competitions, earning the title “Person Of The Year” 2009 – 2010 in St. Petersburg.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:
Step Aerobics, Power Step, Dance Aerobics

Master of Sports


Phillippa is a certified British STOTT PIILATES® instructor, offering professional pilates tuition in Sharm el Sheikh.

Phillippa has a strong knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology and enjoys helping others reach their own personal health and fitness goals, tone up, build strength, improve posture and flexibility with Pilates by Phillippa.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:

STOTT PILATES® Instructor (Matwork & Small Equipment)
Gym Instructor, Anatomy & Physiology Member;
Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)


Midori has been practising yoga for over 9 years and in this time become deeply immersed in the meditation and the philosophy. In 2007 her yoga path led her to India where she had the opportunity to study further and gained a deeper understanding of the ancient culture surrounding this unique and special art.

Yoga practice has so much more to offer than merely raising energy levels and increasing flexibility. I feel fortunate to have found this path and I welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in helping to build other peoples' practice.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:
Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Basic Yoga

Foundation of Pathanjala Yoga – Kendra, India, Nithiyananda Meditation Programme – LBM, Iscon Yoga – Level 3, Iskon Meditation – Level 3

naomi & omar

Omar and Naomi are both founders of Flash Forward Dance Company a new international dance company in Sharm el Sheikh partnering both Egypt with London.

We currently are a performance group in Sharm el Sheikh and this is our first class for the community of Sharm el Sheikh. Naomi has an extensive dance background in London, through education and choreography.

Her love is hip hop and she came to work in Sharm last year and fell in love with the talent of hip hop and break dancers in the country and wanted to expand the knowledge and horizons of opportunities for the dance genre in Egypt.

Omar has been break dancing for 12 years and has been performing all over. His local spot is at Pacha nightclub where thousands of tourists from all over the world have seen this man head spin the night away.

Omar has worked in Sharm for two years in animation and has discovered a love for teaching his skills to the younger generation. Here he hopes to inspire both, girls and boys, the love he has for break dance.

Classes taught in FIT & FUN: Break Dance

Qualifications: Bachelor of Performing Arts Management, BTEC Technical Theatre, several Dance awards


Oksana has lived in Sharm el Sheikh for the past 10 years. She has been dancing since she was 8 years old. Oksana graduated from Ballet School and The Choreography Institute in Samara, Russia.

She has been teaching children of all ages and adult dance classes for more than 10 years. She has a strong knowledge of physiology and physical fitness as well as music and rhythm. She is always looking for modern solutions to classical dance, movement and expression. She also has taught Pilates for the past 2 years.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:
Ballet, Pilates and Aerobics for adults and children

in Ballet & Choreographies


Vanessa started her dance training at the early age of 4. Starting with ballet, she soon became interested in jazz, tap, musical theater, and later Middle-Eastern dance.

Wanting to take her dance education further, Vanessa received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) in Ballet from Texas Christian University. (Ft. Worth, TX, USA) Upon graduation, Vanessa moved to New York City. During her eight years there, she successfully worked as a dancer, choreographer, actress, and dance/fitness educator. Now in Egypt for almost one year, Vanessa is pleased to be part of Fit & Fun, and happy to bring the joy of dance to Sharm.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:
Belly Dance, Ballet Basics, Jazz Technical.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) in Ballet from Texas Christian University


Originally from England, Siobhan has moved to Sharm El Sheikh via Canada, the Caribbean and the US. She is the mother of three daughters and a registered nurse.

After discovering Nia in 2000, she practiced it regularly until 2006 when she took her first belt of teaching. Since then she has continued to practice and teach and is eager to share the benefits of this form of exercise with women of all ages and body types.

Classes taught in FIT  & FUN:

RN, Nia Blue Belt